Cynder Mahoney

Storm Lords "Allow no one to witness or to tend your weakness"


Cynder.jpgNatural red hair fell in soft waves around her shoulders ornamented with braids and feathers lending an organic feel to the girl’s features. Her crystal blue eyes were highly ornamented as she considered them her best feature. Heavy eyeliner ran in spirals from her eyes and over her cheeks in a fetching pattern to hide the light dusting of freckles over the bridge of her nose and on her cheeks. She was 5’5” and 120lbs soaking wet. The weight was enough to give her an ass, tits and curves but not enough to make her look unattractive in a bikini. Her soft flat stomach was only covered with the torso of a black long sleeved fishnet shirt under a torn white “Within Temptation” tour shirt ripped off to just below her breasts. Her black boot cut jeans hung low on her hips, complete with ripped knees and a studded belt adorned with chains off her left hip. Her high heeled boots clicked on the sidewalk with purpose.
She strode with confidence, her black and red Gibson ES-335 cradled gently under her arm, safely nestled in its case. She kept it close to her, walking through downtown Portland headed toward the studio mapped out on her Android. She double checked the address and raised an eyebrow. This rundown piss poor excuse of a building couldn’t possibly be the studio…
She pushed open the door and came across the front desk at the end of a long dark hallway. The tiny bit of a thing behind the desk was filing her nails and popping her gum. “Can I help you?”
“Yeah, I’m Cynder Mahoney. I have a 2 o’clock audition.” Cynder shifted her weight from her right to her left as “Little Bit” tapped a couple keys.
“Go sit in room two.” She went back to smacking her gum and filing her nails.
“OK…” Cynder walked down the hall and found the door with the number 2 hanging askew from it. She pushed the door open and walked in on a full band set. She didn’t hesitate to replace the guitar that was there with her own. With a practiced hand she tuned up and started in on a few pieces she had on her brain as a warm up.
“Bold move…Cynder is it?” She looked up to see a man leaning on the door frame to the room. She could make out 3 more band members behind him.
“I figured if I was going to convince you that I deserve to be here, a timid approach would be inappropriate.” She stood with her fingers poised to play, assessing the rest of the band as they were assessing her. Four males, the one against the door frame obviously the ring leader.
He motioned to the other to take up their instruments as he took up his bass. “Let’s see what you can do Cynder. Do try to keep up.” He started an opening bass line, the drummer took up the beat, while the keyboardist and mixer started laying down some melody.
She stood for a moment listening to the chord progressions and seeing how best she could fit in her guitar. It wasn’t long before she was adding her layer. She let the song develop before she kicked on the mike in front of her. She sang what came to her mind and she could feel eyes on her as she started screaming out vocals. Her voice was a striking alto in a mix between a raspy whiskey voice and a throaty growl.
The bassist stepped up himself and started layering his bass voice with hers, singing back at her in a playful exchange bordering between sexual and a challenge for power. She switched up her voice to be more feminine, closer to a soprano and smoothing out to blend better in harmony with his voice.
The song came to a natural end and the tension was so thick someone could cut it with a knife. Her eyes never left his as he studied her. He set down his bass and walked around her, looking her up and down, once again stopping in front of her.
“You’re in kid.” The sigh was audible by the other band members.



Cynder toweled off her forehead after packing up her guitar. It was a grueling 4 hour jam session. The band had been playing together for years and she was just starting out. Coming out to Portland seemed to finally be paying off.
She walked out the door, flicked a wave to “Little Bit” and walked outside. It was raining and she welcomed the cool wetness on her skin. Her muscles were fatigued from holding so much energy and tension in them. She needed to go for a run…
She walked the 6 blocks to her apartment and set her guitar on the stand with loving care. She looked at her cell phone and tossed it on the bed. She quickly changed into a pair of shorts and tank top, left her wallet on the dresser and walked out the door, barefoot. It was dark and she couldn’t see the moon but she could feel the night coming alive around her.
She started running. She knew where to go where she wouldn’t be noticed, as much. She started running up the hill to the OHSU hospital. She ducked into the woods behind the water tower at the bottom of the hill and stopped for a moment. Her hair was soaked and the carefully applied makeup was no longer neat and tidy. Instead it looked like a river of black mess down her face. She turned her face up to the rain and smiled as she removed her clothing and cached it into her hiding place.
She could feel her body shrinking, shifting, changing. She shook out her fur as the transformation completed. She was a beautiful red wolf, smaller than her other brethren but still too big to be domestic. She took off through the underbrush at top speed. She wanted to howl but knew she would be heard this early in the evening and probably reported. The last thing she needed was for there to be a “wolf sighting” near her hunting grounds. She took off toward the Zoo, avoiding the most heavily populated areas of the hill.
She laid low on the outskirts of the zoo, waiting for her moment to sneak around to the outside of the wolf pen. They were always willing to accommodate her in cover howling and no one was the wiser, just assumed it was the wolves in the fence.
Cynder, her fur soaked in the down pour ran back to her clothes, changed back to her human form and quickly dressed. She smiled the whole run back to her apartment.
She got a quick warm shower before laying back, naked on her bed. She had been in Portland for over a year, taking courses as Portland State and trying to get her music off the ground. The only problem she had was her little were problem. She could thank her mother for that…

Cynder Mahoney

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