Fog-grey/Mordred Grey

Hunter in Darkness looking for a new start


Hunter in Darkness Irraka



A young looking eighteen year old, with collar length dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He stands a touch over six feet tall, with a lean build. He has no piercings or tattoos. At first glance, most people think he’s trying to be a “bad boy.” His hair is uncombed, his clothing is dark, worn hard, and rugged.
After a few moments however, it becomes difficult not to notice his eyes give nothing away, empty unless you have the misfortune to see the fury lurking within. He holds eye contact too long and seems to regard the whole world through a silent stare. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does he’s sarcastic. For a kid who seems to spend a lot of time sitting, watching and reading, he’s in extremely fit condition.

When shifted, he’s a large dark grey wolf with black brindling. Under the trees, he bears a strong resemblance to mist or fog while he moves.

Seen in the spirit realm, his tribal brands are discrete and subtle, underscoring his rank while keeping him conveniently anonymous. His deed name tells no story, just the color of his fur and he provides it grudgingly. He is a Hunter, everything else is unnecessary.

Fog-grey/Mordred Grey

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