Monsieur Jeton de Noire

Token Black


Auspice- Elodoth
Tribe- Ghost Wolves
General concept is a character similar to beast from xmen. Black fur, prefers to think over fight. Strong and agile. Parents were slaves who escaped to France. Moved just outside of Portland after their death. Struggles to deal with his past and future.
Character type. Werewolf
Current age 28
Age at First change: 18
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Lust (I like women)
Intelligence: 3 Wits: 3 Resolve: 2
Strength:2 Dexterity:2 Stamina: 4
Presence: 1 manipulation: 2 Composure: 2.

SKILLS: (specialty skills)
Academics :1 Computer:3 (Hacking) Medicine: 2 Politics:1 (bribery* elodoth specialty) Science:1 Investigation:1 Crafts:1
Athletics: 2 Survival: 2(navigation) Stealth 3 (moving in darkness)
Persuasion: 2 Streetwise:1 Subterfuge:1

Renown: Honor and Cunning

Merits: Danger sense, Eidetic Memory, Language

Willpower 4
Harmony 7
Essence 7
Inititive 4
Health 8
Primal urge 1
Size 5
Defense 2
Speed 4


Currently resides in Portland area as a free lance computer repair specialist.

Angelique and Carlos were slaves in Argentina, though it would be safer to say they were breeding stock for the Pure tribe called the Flame-touched as well as slaves. Surrounded by terrifying monsters, fire, and religious zealotry, when Angelique discovered she was pregnant, they decided they’d rather die than turn their child over to that world. It took seven months of living on the run before they made it to France. Although they they were pretty confident that they escaped the werewolf pursuers somewhere along the way, they never lost that wariness. They never expected to have a werewolf child, hoping to put the entire nightmare behind them. Unfortunately, they knew the signs of an impending change and what it meant for you. And strangers always stop to stare at the elaborate brands and scars covering his parents’ bodies. Everything you know about Uratha culture is colored by the stories that your parents have shared.

Monsieur Jeton de Noire

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