Robert Stark

Owner/operator of A Book for All Seasons


Robert was once a computer programmer at the Redmond Windows facilities before he got tired of the cubicle farm. Fortunately, he was able to swing a good loan from the Leavenworth Wells Fargo bank (as his uncle runs it), and it enabled him to open the store. He runs it by himself and sleeps on a cot in the back most of the time. His actual apartment is less a home and more of a place to keep his stuff. His aging and lazy calico cat, Abner, sleeps in the windowsill most days.


Robert is in his late 20s. He’s good looking, in a young bohemian way. His hair is long but not wild. In the warm months, he wears polo shirts and jeans. In the colder months, he chooses flannel shirts and jeans.

Robert Stark

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