The house

The heart of the inherited territory.



The cabin sits in the center of the property in a clearing that extends about 30 feet from the building. The grass is wild and thick with weeds. To the side of the house stands a small garage/utility shed. Behind the house is a vegetable garden, currently overgrown.

The Meers house is a large, two-story wooden cabin. The walls are thick, heavy wood, as are the shutters and the front door. A porch extends across the front of the house.

The main floor has four rooms.
The front door opens into a large living room. The furniture is heavily constructed, most of it built out of logs. The living room has a couple of long couches and a big easy chair. Paintings adorn the walls, all of which are nature scenes apparently done by the same artist. A brick fireplace stands in the center of the room, which when lit radiates heat to the living and dining room. A staircase leads up to the second floor.
On the far side of the living room is a large wooden table, surrounded by wooden chairs. Along the back wall is a china cabinet. A bar (and barstools) separates the dining room from the kitchen.
The kitchen is modern, but classically done, with dark wood cabinets that match the rest of the décor.
Next to the kitchen is a full bathroom, complete with a stand-up shower.
The living room, dining room and kitchen form an “L” around the remaining room. Inside is an office/library. The walls are lined with bookshelves, though some of the shelves are covered with old scrolls, maps, or other knickknacks. To one side is a writing desk and a small worktable leans along one wall. This room has no windows. Under a heavy carpet is the trapdoor that leads to the basement.

The second floor is largely open, overlooking the living room area.
On a normal floor plan, the house would have at least two bedrooms, perhaps three. This house’s space has been converted, however, so that the upstairs is one large room with three walk-in closets. In the middle of the room lies a bed made up of four queen-size mattresses placed together. Large pillows and blankets cover the bed and a custom-made coversheet keeps sleepers from falling between the cracks.
In addition to only one bedroom, there is only one bathroom up here, though it contains a large Jacuzzi tub, two showers and two commode rooms, as well as four sinks.

The pack’s locus is in the basement—the entrance to which is under the rug in the first-floor library.
Deep beneath the ground is a natural spring of pure water, where it reaches the surface forms the locus.
The basement itself is a wide square room with brick walls holding back the earth. The floor is bare earth, and a little moist. In the center of the room is a small ring of stones that surrounds the well. The well itself is only a couple of paces across, but it is quite deep. In fact, even though the water is clear and still, no one can see the bottom of the well without dropping some sort of light source into the still, chilly water.


The house

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