Kelsi Monroe

Waitress at Good Mood Food


Kelsi lived the cliché. She was the cheerleader who married the basketball star, only to discover that he peaked in high school and that working as a tour guide was as far as he was going from Leavenworth. A couple of years ago, she caught him screwing one of his clients and kicked him out. Her ex moved to Seattle, and he spoils the kids when he comes by to visit, which irritates her to no end. She hates having to be the heavy.


Kelsi is in her mid-30s, though she can still fit into her old cheerleading uniform. She has blonde hair that’s now cut short in a practical pageboy cut. She used to be a total stunner, and her beauty has remained, maturing to make her a very attractive woman instead of a pretty girl. She does seem to be wearing a lot of makeup to hide bags under her eyes, though.

Kelsi Monroe

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