El Camino

old beat up, but gets the job done.


This car is a weathered veteran of the roads. The paint may be chipped (not to mention scratched by more than one set of werewolf claws) and usually covered under a thick layer of street grime, but it’s always gotten it’s passengers where they wanted to go.
Sure, some may scoff at the cheap stock 8-track player and crudely restitched seats. It stands proud anyway. Under the hood lurks the baddest engine Chevy offered at the time, an LS6 454 V-8.

1970 SS396
Manual transmission
Black with black interior
Pennsylvania plates.
European style oval sticker with an “F” over the colors of the french flag in the back window.
“naked chick” mud-flaps.
the glove compartment is stuffed with 8-tracks and a “value pack” of condoms. “Ribbed for her pleasure.”

There may or may not be any footprints on the ceiling, but use of a black light on the interior is highly discouraged.


El Camino

Moonrise Mektah